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The association presents awards each year for outstanding service by a department, officer and administrator, as well as recognition of an outstanding program presented by a member agency. These awards are presented each year at the annual association conference. In addition, the association may present a “Medal of Valor” award at any time of the year, with additional recognition at the annual conference.

For all awards the nomination period will begin in July of each year and conclude by October 1. The award is based on service of the preceding July 1 – June 30.

The board of directors will select a committee of three members, in good standing, who will review and select the recipients of each award. The recipients will receive an appropriate plaque or recognition gift. Generally, only one award for each category is awarded each year, however with approval from the board of directors, the awards committee may select two recipients receiving departments that the committee recommends to receive the award.

Department of the Year

The Department of the Year shall have demonstrated exceptional, modern, standard-setting practices during the year. The nominated department shall have demonstrated that they have met (and ideally exceeded) the goals of the department and been a leader in supporting the mission of the institution. The department shall demonstrate that they have lead their institution in creating a safe environment for their higher education community through the use of innovative techniques, strategies and community policing principles. Nomination Form

Officer of the Year

The Officer of the Year shall be a leader within their organization, not necessarily by rank, but by the respect of their co-workers and managers. The nominee shall demonstrate outstanding skills in the typical duties of a public safety, security or police officer, a positive rapport with their community and supervisors and a leader in new ideas and enhancing their department. The Officer of the Year shall be one that upholds the mission of their organization and demonstrates a highly professional approach in their policing efforts. Nomination Form

Administrator of the Year

The Administrator of the Year is dedicated to promoting professional ideals and standards in the administration of campus security and law enforcement. The candidate shall have demonstrated leadership skills and techniques that represent the very best in managing a public safety or security department in higher education. The ideal candidate shall demonstrate standard-setting practices in the administration of public safety in their institutional community and shall be a leader in demonstrating the ideals of the profession. Nomination Form

Program of the Year

To be announced...The Program of the Year is to recognize a higher education, police, security or public safety department's standard-setting program. The program may or may not be initially launched in the award year, but it must have been conducted during they award year. The program must provide a direct benefit to a segment (or all) of the campus community. The program should be geared toward enhancing safety and built upon best practices.

Medal of Valor

Shall be awarded, upon approval of the Board of Directors, to any member of a member agency, who has demonstrated an act that substantially goes above and beyond the call of duty; in doing so, they have exhibited exceptional courage, extraordinary decisiveness and presence of mind, regardless of his or her personal safety, in an attempt to save or protect human life. Nomination Form

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